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The Scholarship for Outstanding New Postgraduate Students is allocated to financially support the qualified postgraduate international students who will be studying at ZUST. Applicants should be newly enrolled international postgraduate students who want to study at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST). Applicants should be in a healthy condition.


I Category

The Scholarship covers the tuition fees and accommodation of their first year’s postgraduate study.


II Eligibility

a. Excellent study records (the applicants should provide certificates and transcripts of their undergraduate studies);
b. An applicant applying for a Chinese taught master degree programme should have an HSK5 certificate or above;
c. An applicant applying for an English language taught master degree programme should provide their transcripts of the English language during their undergraduate studies. They are also required to pass the phone interview conducted by ZUST.


III Application Deadline

May 30, 2017


IV Application Materials

a. A photocopy of the ID page of the applicant’s valid passport;
b. Notified certificates the applicant’s undergraduate education records. Graduating university students shall provide their certificate of enrolment in lieu of their undergraduate diplomas. If the applicant is currently studying in China, they shall provide the approval letter upon their transfer or their study completion certificate issued by the universities (The submitted documents should include their attendance records and their academic performance). Materials in languages other than Chinese and English should be accompanied by their notified corresponding Chinese or English version.
c. Notified transcripts. Materials in languages other than Chinese and English should be accompanied by their notified corresponding Chinese or English version.
d. Two recommendation letters, written in Chinese or English.
e. Verified and valid health certificate (photocopy acceptable).
f. HSK-5 certificates or above (only for applicants of Chinese language taught master programmes).
g. Transcripts of the applicant’s English language examination during their undergraduate study (lowest requirement: Merit or the equivalent in other marking systems; only for applicants of English taught master degree programmes).
h. The applicant’s study plans.

Note: All applicants are required to register and submit their application forms at the University’s official website:
All the material submitted will not be returned.


V  Selection Procedure of the Scholarship Winners

The International Student Affairs Centre (ISAC) is responsible for the selection of the winners of the Scholarship. After the preliminary selection of the received application materials, the ISAC shall forward the selected material to the subordinate schools for reviewing, and the finial decision will be made by the Scholarship Selection Committee of the University. At the end of the first semester, the ISAC will conduct a review over the scholarship winners’ academic performance, their attendance records, and their personal conduct. If the recipients of the Scholarship
1) fail to pass the required courses;
2) fail to keep a good attendance record required by the ISAC (reasons include sick leave, personal leave and absenteeism);
3) fail to participate the examination;
4) cheat in the examinations;
5) have been imposed of a punishment of warning or above, they will not be able to receive the scholarship in the next semester.
The recipients passing the review shall continue to have their Scholarship in the next semester.


VI Contact Information

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology
International Student Affairs Centre
Ms.Tan Xiaohui
Mr Xu Qiang
Ms. Taojian
Tel: 0086-0571-85070141
Fax: 0086-0571-85070141
Add: No.318 Liu-he-lu , Hangzhou , Zhejiang


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