China Scholarships | University Scholarships in China 2017

Fujian University of Technology Scholarship for International Students

XMUT International Student Scholarships

Xiamen University of Technology is faithful to their commitment to serving the needs of the industry and community in the region and beyond through academic and applied research excellence. We reach out to make a productive cooperation partner with prestigious institutions overseas. The student attainment, research achievement and international collaboration growth has earned XMUT the status as a first-tier university in Fujian Province.

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Fujian University of Technology Scholarship for International Students

Application Guidelines for the Xiamen University Scholarships 2017

XMU offers scholarships to doctoral, master’s and undergraduate candidates. Scholarship awardees will have their tuition covered (a maximum of 4 years for doctoral programes, 2 or 3 years for master's programmes, 4 or 5 years for undergraduate programmes). Moreover, XMU provides monthly living allowances for outstanding master’s or doctoral candidates in accordance with the standards of Chinese Government Scholarships. The awardees' academic performance will be assessed each year and only those achieving the required standard will have their scholarship renewed for the following year.

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