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PKU International Students Division is dedicated to providing comprehensive information and considerate services to any international student who is studying at the University or plans to come.
Here you’ll discover everything you want to know about the University, including admissions and scholarships, campus culture and other miscellaneous handy information.
More than 7,000 international students are now coming to the University and studying in a wide-ranging of programs, degree programs as well as non-degree programs (including pre-college).

PKU Scholarship for International Students is offered by Peking University to outstanding international students who pursue degrees at PKU.

1.Criteria and Eligibility:
(1)Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens of sound health;
(2)Already admitted as an undergraduate or graduate student at PKU and will pursue a Bachelor’s or academic Master’s/PhD degree;
(3)Receiving no other scholarship funds;
(4)Must not be either seeking a professional degree or enrolled in a Joint Degree program or an English-taught program (students who will be enrolled in these programs are not eligible to apply for this scholarship).

2.Duration of Scholarship:
(1)Undergraduate students: 4-5 years;
(2)Master students: 2-3 years;
(3)PhD candidates: 4 years;
(4)Master-to-PhD candidates: 5 years
Note: The duration of scholarship is fixed and could not be extended.

3. Value of Scholarship:
(1) Full scholarship covers tuition, living stipend (including accommodation subsidy) and Comprehensive Medical Insurance for International Students;
(2) Partial scholarship covers tuition.

4. When to Apply:
In late May. Please refer to the latest notice on the website for the specific application date.

5. Others
Scholarship students must take the annual evaluation.


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