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Hainan College of Foreign Studies warmly welcome foreign students from around the world to learn Chinese.
Enrollment Targets and Admission Requirements

Graduate of junior high school or above, over the age of 14 years old and physically healthy.
Studying Duration and Curriculum Offered

1. Long-term Chinese Language Student: More than one semester
2. Short-term  Chinese Language Student: One to three months
3. Chinese Language Levels can be divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
4. The main curriculum
Elementary Oral Speaking, Primary Comprehensive Chinese,  Chinese Character Writing and Chinese Cultures

Intermediate comprehensive Chinese,  Intermediate Chinese listening, Intermediate Spoken Chinese,  Elementary and Intermediate HSK Training

Advanced comprehensive Chinese, Advanced   Spoken Chinese,
Advanced Chinese reading, Advanced HSK Training

Elective Courses
Chinese calligraphy,  Chinese painting,  Chinese Folk Songs, Chinese martial arts

Standard Fees
Short-term Vocational term    600 yuan per week
Long-term     5000 yuan per semester
Application fee      400 yuan

4. Paid-in Learning materials, Physical Checkup, and Residence Permit
5. Comprehensive medical insurance premium (to be bear by students).
6.  Accommodation Fee( including utilities):700 yuan/month  ( Single room with attached bathroom), Cable TV, Air-condition, water heater, wardrobe, desk, bedding and so on.)
Dinning Fee:School Canteen,approximately 10 yuan for each meal.

1. The provincial government scholarship
Eligible for students who has study for more than one year of Chinese language , the standard is 15000 yuan per year.

5 kinds of scholarship: postgraduate scholarships, special scholarships for students from  ASEAN countries, special scholarship for cooperative college students, special scholarships for overseas Chinese descendants and  individual scholarship. Postgraduate scholarship is for those international students who pursue in-campus study for a year (or more), the standard is 3000 yuan per year.

ASEAN COUNTRIES STUDENTS SCHOLARSHIP is open to students from ASEAN countries. A total of 30 students are granted with full scholarships, which offer every student with 5000 RMB for one semester and 10000 RMB for one year. At present, the quota for one ASEAN country is from two to five students. The number of scholarship students will increase by 5-10 every year since 2018. Self –funded ASEAN students not included in this program need to pay 50% of their tuition.

Special scholarship for partnering college students eligible for students whose college signs cooperative agreement with our college. Entitled once they studied for at least one semester . The standard is 3000 yuan per semester, 6000 yuan per year.
Special scholarships for overseas Chinese descendants are for those who are overseas descendants from Hainan. A total of 20 students are granted with full scholarships, which offer every student with 4000 RMB for one semester and 8000 RMB for one year. The number of scholarship students will increase by 5-10 every year since 2018. Self

–funded international students not included in this program need to pay 50% of their tuition.
Individual scholarship refers to those who study for a semester and have outstanding performance.

a. Diligence Award: awards for international students who shown outstanding achievements and high attendance rate. 500 yuan awarded each time.
b. Academic and Sports Excellency Award : To reward  international students who take active participation in the school’s competition and secure a winner’s ranking .500 yuan awarded each time.
HSK winning prize: To reward the international students who take HSK examination, and obtain good performance. 500 yuan awarded each time.
Characteristics and advantages
Small class teaching: 5-15 students per class; or 1 to 1 teaching.
Level-based Teaching: Suited to students’ level. Basic , Intermediate and

Advanced levels respectively.
All teachers use standard mandarin teaching, they can also deploy bi-lingual
teaching upon student’s request.
International students study in the same surroundings with Chinese students
from varied language majors. They can communicate with each other, making progress together.
Travelling: Besides the normal teaching, students have chance to tour
some famous scenic spots and gain local experience from it. We even have cultural travellings, which come in handy for foreign students to get a deeper impression of China, hence improve their interests in learning.
We conduct various short-term classes with flexible time and enriching
activities. Short-term classes can also offer classes for group learning. As for learning time and learning contents, which can be arranged according to the specific requirements. We’ll organize cultural exchange program and tour  activities  in or around  the city for students.

Long-term and short-term Chinese language students will be conferred with a graduation certificate and transcript upon completion of the study and passing the exam.

The campus life is convenient for international students. We provide dormitories, canteen, clinic, ATM of Bank of China and other facilities. There are banks, supermarkets and restaurants nearby the school gate.

Contact us :
Address:Division of International Affairs, HaiNan College of Foreign Studies, No. 178 Jiaoyu Road, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, the People’s Republic of China.

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